The Best Just Got Better!

After introducing the Tilt Tamer at the 2011 ATA show the response and demand have exceeded my expectations, thanks to all the satisfied archers who have had their bow’s torque removed.

I have had requests to provide more installation options and fine tuning capabilities. I listened and have designed those functions into the new Tilt Tamer™ Select which began shipping in September of 2012.

New Tilt Tamer™ Select Shipping Now!

As in the original, the new Tilt Tamer™ Select provides Cam Tilt control and therefore removes Bow Torque; archers have come to expect that from the Tilt Tamer™.

In addition it has a total of eight (8) installation options. All the configurations provide the adjustability and fine tuning capabilities of the original Tilt Tamer ™ in a new streamlined design. Now you can custom configure your new Tilt Tamer™ Select to suit any bow with a stock cable guard rod.

It will work cable slide travels from 0.70” to 1.80” and any arrow and fletch combination be it left hand or right hand. (No roller guard bows) This design is a bit more complicated and therefore more costly to build but I have kept the price the same.

Through this project I have had the privilege of meeting many fellow archers who have had their archery abilities improved with my Tilt Tamer™. That’s what keeps me going and improving what is the best torque elimination device I know off.